Kick Up Your Heels

Am I the luckiest girl or what! Look what my ultra fabulous friend brought me as an early birthday gift, for my "hot" date this weekend. I really do not deserve such generousness, but I will proudly wear them.

To the shock of girls everywhere, I will admit that these are the highest shoes I have ever worn, and walk in them about as well as my 4 year old daughter would. There is only minimal throbbing on my healing bones (from my "I can't walk and talk on the phone" incident last spring.) Hence, the reason I don't normally wear shoes higher than my tennis shoes. I am confident that I can make it from the car into the restaurant, and at least I have the arm of a good man to support me. From there I will probably spend the rest of the evening gazing longingly at my shoes, rather than my date. But, how could you not, they are just so beautiful. Until then, I will be overdosing on my Calcium...and being thankful.


jenny said...

i love them! the color is gorgeous...there's nothing better than some super smart heels to make you feel feminine and pretty, ;)

Steph said...

Until about 3 years ago, I was not a person who gave two figs about my shoes, and in my daily life today, I am still not really that concerned, but my oh my, do I love to wear sexy heels when I go out with my husband.

Those are gorgeous! Have a great time in them. (and with your date.)

Felicia said...

Those are pretty fabulous shoes. I found your site through the etsy blog thread.

Alicia said...

Thanks everyone for your compliments! Our date was postponed until next weekend...so a few more days for me to practice my runway walk.