There is a strange wonderfullness in taking my children to this beach where I used to play as a child, and have loved working with my new photographs this week. They are so powerful to me. I didn't realize how many viewfinder photographs I took until days later. I must have been walking around in a ttv and wind induced haze, just snapping away as fast as I could.

I have added the first three of this new series to my shop, and will probably add a few others throughout the week. The rest of the series can be found on flickr, and is also available for purchase.
A big thanks to absolute michigan for featuring one of my "little girl, big beach" photos on their site today.
Happy Weekend!


Steph said...

I particularly love the second one! Gorgeous! I also find it strangely wonderful to see my children playing in places I loved as a child.

groovyinclinations said...

Very Beautiful work Alicia!