It has been a long, often stressful week which makes this sunny, Saturday such a welcome relief. Hopefully, it will be a weekend of getting caught up, and spring cleaning. It may be a little premature, but I am ready to pack away all of the winter accessories into a big box that read "Do Not Open Until December!".

Happy Weekend to all of you. I'll be back to a more regular routine next week.

P.S. Much thanks to Tricia, from Carried Away for featuring me on her site this week!


Steph said...

I had everything packed away and then we got more snow yesterday!

This photo makes me happy, though.

Alicia said...

Yes, this is what I am afraid of...I remember many snowy April days.

Becca said...

I love this picture. I smelled some strawberries in the store...so summery. I'm ready for warmer weather.

eva said...

Beautiful Images! I don`t want call them photos, because, there`s so much more in it. Like memories from childhood or moments that you never forget. Your images make me feel, taste, smell and SEE....... Thank You!

ShyViolet said...

You have such beautiful photography! It's cool here today too, and it's southern Texas! It was 80 a week ago! I am so ready for summer.