Butterfly Friends

Nothing feels as good on a 25 degree day (isn't supposed to be spring?) as a warm greenhouse, with the sun shining. Luckily the university greenhouse has some butterfly friends hanging around for the next several weeks. N.J. was really into learning about the butterflies, searching for them, and pretending to be our teacher.

Me- "Miss Bock, how fast do butterflies fly."
N.J.-"Well, some fly fast, and some fly slow."
She is so amusing, with a quick answer for everything.
Jazz really didn't know what was going on, but did seem happy to have someplace new to get into lots of trouble. I think he had his little partner hanging on his shoulder for awhile, but as soon as N.J. noticed she started to get to excited and scared him away... There were only these two types today, so we will have to venture back for more butterfly adventures as the new ones hatch. Happy Spring!

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