There is a strange wonderfullness in taking my children to this beach where I used to play as a child, and have loved working with my new photographs this week. They are so powerful to me. I didn't realize how many viewfinder photographs I took until days later. I must have been walking around in a ttv and wind induced haze, just snapping away as fast as I could.

I have added the first three of this new series to my shop, and will probably add a few others throughout the week. The rest of the series can be found on flickr, and is also available for purchase.
A big thanks to absolute michigan for featuring one of my "little girl, big beach" photos on their site today.
Happy Weekend!


After we warmed up with a delicious hot pizza we tried to catch the sunset at the pier. The sun was lacking but we did get a show from the large freighter ever so slowly making its way up the channel.


sing a song of water and wind

All I have been wanting lately is a trip to the beach, not some tropical getaway, but my regular Lake Michigan beaches that are comfortable and familar. But, there are sadly very few beach day in March. So, when it got above 75 degrees yesterday we threw some extra clothes in the car and headed west. Never mind that when we got to the shore it was 20 degrees cooler and a whole lot windier. We had a wonderful time anyway, playing until we were cold, windblown and dreaming of warm summer days to come.
This picture of N.J. makes my heart sing. My kindred spirit who loves the sand and water as much as I do.


Kick Up Your Heels

Am I the luckiest girl or what! Look what my ultra fabulous friend brought me as an early birthday gift, for my "hot" date this weekend. I really do not deserve such generousness, but I will proudly wear them.

To the shock of girls everywhere, I will admit that these are the highest shoes I have ever worn, and walk in them about as well as my 4 year old daughter would. There is only minimal throbbing on my healing bones (from my "I can't walk and talk on the phone" incident last spring.) Hence, the reason I don't normally wear shoes higher than my tennis shoes. I am confident that I can make it from the car into the restaurant, and at least I have the arm of a good man to support me. From there I will probably spend the rest of the evening gazing longingly at my shoes, rather than my date. But, how could you not, they are just so beautiful. Until then, I will be overdosing on my Calcium...and being thankful.



I am pretty sure this is the same look he was giving me on our first date....



It has been a long, often stressful week which makes this sunny, Saturday such a welcome relief. Hopefully, it will be a weekend of getting caught up, and spring cleaning. It may be a little premature, but I am ready to pack away all of the winter accessories into a big box that read "Do Not Open Until December!".

Happy Weekend to all of you. I'll be back to a more regular routine next week.

P.S. Much thanks to Tricia, from Carried Away for featuring me on her site this week!


Orchids Blooming on Etsy

I am really loving the Etsy front page this afternoon. So, many beautiful orchids and lovely lavender tones, including my own brand new photoraph, Bow.


Purple, Pink and Orange

Exciting news! Select photographs of mine can now be purchased online at
Purple, Pink and Orange. The whole site is full of unique finds from fabulous independent designers. And, you know how I love my pink and purple. Hurry on over to see what's new!


It has been several years since I took my first koi photograph, and I have been searching ever since for some fish that I liked as much. Finally I stumbled upon these three. I love the way their tails reflect the sunlight. Midnight is available in my Etsy shop.


Butterfly Friends

Nothing feels as good on a 25 degree day (isn't supposed to be spring?) as a warm greenhouse, with the sun shining. Luckily the university greenhouse has some butterfly friends hanging around for the next several weeks. N.J. was really into learning about the butterflies, searching for them, and pretending to be our teacher.

Me- "Miss Bock, how fast do butterflies fly."
N.J.-"Well, some fly fast, and some fly slow."
She is so amusing, with a quick answer for everything.
Jazz really didn't know what was going on, but did seem happy to have someplace new to get into lots of trouble. I think he had his little partner hanging on his shoulder for awhile, but as soon as N.J. noticed she started to get to excited and scared him away... There were only these two types today, so we will have to venture back for more butterfly adventures as the new ones hatch. Happy Spring!


good-bye dear friend

8 years ago I was just a single girl, living in my quiet city, in the little apartment with the big spiral staircase. All was fine until I came home one night to find a few bats circling around my living room. I ran out of there faster than you could say "Eeekk!", down to my friends' who often fed the stray neighborhood cats. And, there he was, wise beyond his years, but clearly neglected, in need of a good home. We called him Gypsy.
Through the years he protected me from bats, mice, and probably a few large Texas bugs I don't know about. We moved 3 times, and added another cat, husband, and 2 kids to our home. He never asked to go outside again. He grew content, fat, and happy, with a PURR louder than any cat I have known. He was the best. The gentle giant, my husband called him.
So suddenly, is empty and sad without him here. On this day of snow, ice, fog, thunder and lightening, nothing seems right.
Good-bye dear friend, you will be greatly missed.