It is only early afternoon but it is turning out to be a pretty frusterating day. I spent 3! hours of my morning dealing with an online art show application system that was definately not ready to go online. There are plently of professional systems in use out there, but I guess MSU decided they needed to make their own confusing, and painfully slow system. After 1000 error messages, 3 emails and a phone call. I was finally allowed to pay my $240 to sit in my booth on what will most likely be a cold/rainy May weekend. I cannot remember a year in the last 5 that it didn't rain for this show. (Must think positive, and visualize sunny 80 degree days...)
In between emails I got to experience the joy which is making chocolate chip cookies with 2 toddlers, who both think they are the main chef. Needless to say our kitchen looks like two toddlers made cookies...sticky, and covered in flour. I wouldn't have done this today, expect that I promised N.J. she could take cookies to school to celebrate her birthday. Between, the almost burnt batch, and the ones they ate along the way, we barely had enough for the class. But, she was extra cute (in her wildly mismatched outfit) as she got out of the car and proudly told her teacher that she had brought snacks for the class. Warm, just out of the oven cookies, lucky little preschoolers.
Now in my quite hour, it has not been at all quiet, as the city has been cutting down our tree branches along the power lines, and I have had to listen to the sound of the wood chipper eating away at my neighbors pine tree the whole time. Arrrh!
For those of you who may also be having a frusterating day, I offer you a few of my flickr favorites to add some, beauty, peace, and joy into your day.

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