The Long Night

Some nights I think, this is why people don't have kids...

1:45 off to bed (been working late, playing on flickr, researching new cameras!)
1:50 ahh, laying by my love, no kids in bed
2:00 I hear N.J. get out of her room, wedges us apart, takes over the middle of the bed
2:15 Jazz starts fussing
2:30 fussing is now screaming, he is pulling on my shirt for me to get up and walk around with him
2:45 barely back asleep, but I am going back to bed
3:30 louder screaming, get up again, get tylenol (must be teeth)
3:40 lay down with him in N.J.'s empty bed
3:45 breathe too loud, wakes him up, more screaming
4:00 play on flickr while rocking baby, to keep myself awake ( don't want to drop baby on floor), discover lovely new photographs (check out all her sets, they are gorgeous!)
4:30 off to bed, with peaceful baby
4:35 quiet, breathing, overfull bed, sweet dreams...

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