Much Thanks

All afternoon I have been trying to think of how to express my thoughts about Holly's kindness on Decor8 today. Her post brought much appreciated views (and sales!) to my website, but more than that I really love what she wrote. I feel like she really captured the essence of who I am and what my photography is about. For I am just a girl trying to find the beauty and inspiration in my everyday, ferris wheels, first loves, and all.
And, for someone I've never met to see that from my photographs is...well, really fabulous.
Thanks Holly. You made my day!


Birthday Boy

Happy Birthday Rob!
Hope you are enjoying a big piece of cake!

hydrangea tuesday

I couldn't decide which of these beauties I liked best so I have added both of them to my
shop.This was my first time photographing hydrangeas. I didn't realize how photogenic they were. All those delicate little petals...so lovely.


Photobooth Friday!

About 4 months ago we discovered the museum had a real "old fashioned" photobooth, with black and white photos! But, sadly it wasn't working. And so began my weekly calls to see if they had fixed it. I had gotten used to the museum operator's dry/distant "NO, it's not fixed", only to hear this week. "Yes, it works." What!? I could hardly believe it.

And, so the next morning we rushed on over to see if it was really true. One of our sheets didn't turn out (though we did get a refund.) So the photobooth isn't completely reliable. But, still well worth it...just be sure to call first! (Thanks to my wonderful little partners, who humor me, and get equally excited about my silly little trips.)

Pink Ferns

Pretty new ferns. A dash of spring. Now added to my shop!


People, Everywhere

I have had a lot of requests over the years for family portraits. And, until recently I have always declined. But, lately I have been feeling ready to expand my business in that direction, and hopefully by the summer will be able to offer baby and child photo sessions (after much practice on all of my friends kids first).
Because of this I have been paying a lot more attention to people, and photographs of people when I wander through flickr. I have noticed that my favorites are changing. I am in love with this beauty, for what it doesn't show. And, this lovely photo for all of the wonderful movement.



We live in the city, so it was surprising to see all of these little black birds outside my window yesterday morning. They circled the house while I tried to sleep, and made shadows on my bedroom walls, finally settling in the trees across the street.


Winter Days

On cold winter days when you spend most of the day inside you have to keep yourself entertained....
We pretend the storage bins are boats (watch out for sharks!).
Imagine the bathtub is a swimming pool. And, get out all the pillows and blankets to turn the living room into a giant bed!
What did you do today?


Winter Glow

As far a winter days go, this was a beautiful one. Quite cold (18 degrees) but lots of sunshine, blue sky, and glittery trees from last nights ice and snow. But no matter how lovely it all was I would happily trade it for a summer day. For those of you who are like me and would rather be lying on a beach somewhere, I suggest viewing these three photographs for a bit of sunshine , summer , and warmth.


Christmas Party 2006

Finally, I have scanned the party pictures that were taken with the Barbie polaroid we borrowed from N.J. who was sad to see how much film we had used, and wondered why she wasn't in any of the pictures (sorry, honey we sent you out to with the Grandmas for the night.) If you missed the party or just want to relive all the fun, the rest of the photos are here.
A special thanks to those people who took pictures of me...so many events go by where I am just behind the camera. It was fun to let everyone else play with the polaroid too!


Happy Monday

Happy Monday! Thought I would start the week off with some of My favorites that I discovered this past week on flickr.
This is especially gorgeous! Oh, and
this one and this one too! A little bit of sunshine for an otherwise grey day.

The Long Night

Some nights I think, this is why people don't have kids...

1:45 off to bed (been working late, playing on flickr, researching new cameras!)
1:50 ahh, laying by my love, no kids in bed
2:00 I hear N.J. get out of her room, wedges us apart, takes over the middle of the bed
2:15 Jazz starts fussing
2:30 fussing is now screaming, he is pulling on my shirt for me to get up and walk around with him
2:45 barely back asleep, but I am going back to bed
3:30 louder screaming, get up again, get tylenol (must be teeth)
3:40 lay down with him in N.J.'s empty bed
3:45 breathe too loud, wakes him up, more screaming
4:00 play on flickr while rocking baby, to keep myself awake ( don't want to drop baby on floor), discover lovely new photographs (check out all her sets, they are gorgeous!)
4:30 off to bed, with peaceful baby
4:35 quiet, breathing, overfull bed, sweet dreams...


a fresh start

Happy New Year! I am a few days late but what else is new...

Our holidays were mixed with fun, family, and sick kids, (lots and lots of sick kids) making me extra happy that we are all starting the new year off healthy. I will be busy catching up on orders for the rest of the week. But, I hope to get through all of my pictures from Christmas, our party, and the new year sooner than later. A little December photo recap coming soon. For now, I have added the photograph above to my Etsy shop as a notecard. Enjoy!