Sunshine Yellow

Sarah left me a comment on my last post about the Duaflex, and getting film for it... While I don't know anything about film, what I do know may be even better.
All of these new images were created using my digital camera and making it focus through the large Duaflex lens. You can probably do this with most any digital camera with a macro setting. It can be tricky, holding two cameras at once, and then what your looking at is backwards in the viewfinder. But, it is a nice challenge and great upperbody workout!
Because I like the vintage feel I do very little post processing work to these photographs. Just some cropping, and slight color adjustments. Flickr has a great through the viewfinder group filled with lots of inspiring photographs, posts with additional techniques, and instrutions for building contraptions to help you keep the extra light out (though I haven't been using anything, and am happy with the results.) And, this site is great too. There are various vintage cameras that are great for "throught the viewfinder" photographs. So, dig around your basement or grandma's attic, you may already have something that will work. This latest photograph "Sunshine Yellow" is for sale here.


Sarah e. Smith said...

Awesome! Thank you for sharing your process! I have to try this with the vintage cameras I have....such a clever idea I can't wait to experiment :)

Alicia said...

Yeah! Can't wait to see your results.