I love the things that come out of N.J.'s mouth lately (she's 3 1/2). She watches too much t.v., and has a great memory...so funny things get stuck in her head.

Today we were driving and saw lots of geese flying. Must have made her think.

N.J. - "Mom, we're migrating" (this is the first time I have heard her use the word "migrating"
Me- "Migrating?"
N.J. "You know, migrating...When you leave your home, and go somewhere else. "
Me- "I know" (pause) "Where are we migrating to?"
N.J.- 'To- the- mall. " (sounding like, duh...don't you know where we're going?)

Yes, we are in fact migrating to the mall. As the days get colder, it seems like we spend more time there. Lucky for us, one of our favorite restaurants has set up shop in the mall near our house. Delicious! Especially leftover carrot cake for breakfast.

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