Etsy Top Items

I can't say enough good things about Etsy, and all the fun ways to shop and search the site. Today while browsing the Sample (left side of the Etsy homepage) I discovered that my Cherry Blossom Day photograph has made the top items page (bottom row, 5th picture).

The new and improved Etsy is scheduled to launch next week, and from the preview it looks like there will be some great changes for both buyers and sellers. If you are planning on shopping my shop or any of the other wonderful Etsy sellers this week, do so before Friday. (Etsy will be shutting the site down for the weekend maintenance.)


sharla (1 of 2 Rare Bird Girls) said...

Congratulations! I am always looking for new things for Rare Bird on Etsy and that place is full of artists so that really is an honor!

Speaking of which, I love love love your new birdy print. It's going on my Christmas wish list.

I am such a fan of your work!!

lorenzstudio said...

Your photography is stunning! I have thoroughly enjoyed selling on etsy and am so glad such a site exists.