Rare Bird Finds/ Rare Robin Awards

Only 30 days to place your votes in the Rare Bird Finds, Rare Robin Awards. By entering the name of your favorite unique online shops, you will be entered to win fabulous prizes! Including a gift certificate to my shop. ( I would be so grateful for a vote in the home decor category, please, please.) Make sure to read the rules, and tell all your friends!

Etsy Top Items

I can't say enough good things about Etsy, and all the fun ways to shop and search the site. Today while browsing the Sample (left side of the Etsy homepage) I discovered that my Cherry Blossom Day photograph has made the top items page (bottom row, 5th picture).

The new and improved Etsy is scheduled to launch next week, and from the preview it looks like there will be some great changes for both buyers and sellers. If you are planning on shopping my shop or any of the other wonderful Etsy sellers this week, do so before Friday. (Etsy will be shutting the site down for the weekend maintenance.)


Happy Birthday

Though I can't be with them today, I am quietly celebrating major new beginnings for two of my dearest friends.

This morning, Jodi finally got to meet the newest addition to their family. Her third, little boy. ( Better you than me!) who we are affectionately calling "the new baby" because he has yet to be named. As N.J. said "he finally popped out!" (if only it were that easy.)

Welcome to the world, we can't wait to meet you too!

And, for Kelly today marks the grand opening of Joy Tree Yoga in downtown, Big Rapids. I am so happy for her to have her own yoga studio, her own business, and to see all of her hard work pay off. I hope the studio is packed with happy bodies waiting to learn from you!

I have added the nesting image above to my Shop to as a notecard, in honor of this special day.



I love the things that come out of N.J.'s mouth lately (she's 3 1/2). She watches too much t.v., and has a great memory...so funny things get stuck in her head.

Today we were driving and saw lots of geese flying. Must have made her think.

N.J. - "Mom, we're migrating" (this is the first time I have heard her use the word "migrating"
Me- "Migrating?"
N.J. "You know, migrating...When you leave your home, and go somewhere else. "
Me- "I know" (pause) "Where are we migrating to?"
N.J.- 'To- the- mall. " (sounding like, duh...don't you know where we're going?)

Yes, we are in fact migrating to the mall. As the days get colder, it seems like we spend more time there. Lucky for us, one of our favorite restaurants has set up shop in the mall near our house. Delicious! Especially leftover carrot cake for breakfast.


That Song

All summer I have been hearing a song on the college radio station almost everytime we are in the car. As if the universe is playing some funny game, I always hear just the end...they never say the name of the song, or who the artist is. It has been driving me crazy.

Finally today, I heard enough to figure out that it is Regina Spektor's song Samson. Which by the way, if anyone feels like buying me this for x-mas, (hint, hint) feel free.

So, now there is a little less mystery in my world today. Though I am now wondering how I will explain to my husband that all we accomplished today was grocery shopping and searching google for song lyrics.


Livingston Road

I could have took the Highway home yesterday, but instead took the road less traveled, and found inspiration. This photograph can now be found in my shop .


Each October, my husband, the eternal fraternity president wakes us all up before the sun, to make our drive up to CMU's Homecoming. Mt. Pleasant in one of the few places where fall seems right to me: the quiet sweep of leaves under our feet, pockets full of parade candy, and a trip to The Bird with friends.


Wedding Gift

If you are expecting a gift from me this year...there is a good chance it will be late. I have just finished my wedding gift for our friends who got married in July. (In my defense, tomorrow will be the first we've seen them since they've returned from their honeymoon.) I have just started experimenting with more of a collage/layered format, using my photographs. I really like how this turned out, and am excited to add more depth and text to some of my new photographs.

Well, we are off to run our errands, mainly finding a warm coats. Winter seems to be coming early this year.


Etsy Front Page

All day I was wondering why so many people had viewed my little "Blue Bird" on Etsy today. It took me until 9:00 at night to figure out it was on the front page!
The front page does look pretty in blue and brown, and the little bird looks very proud to be right in the middle of things.


Photo Friday- Thin

Photo Friday! "Thin"
Beautiful jelly fish...so peaceful to watch. Wonder if they knew I was taking their picture.



My generous friend came over this morning delivering the gift of a much too large cup of sugary, mocha coffee. It was great for waking me up, but has left me feeling super spacey, and unable to focus on my work.

My website is in great need of updating. I need to clean my desk, sort the mail, fill orders, bring fresh work to the galleries, and contact new galleries so that I can get in before the holidays. I also am having trouble remembering that N.J. is at school, and needs picking up shortly. My biggest fear is that I will forget her and she will be the last little preschooler sitting on the sidewalk, thinking I will never show.

The picture above definately suits my mood. I am here, but my mind is drifting off on a nice, white cloud.


Purple Morning

A friend is looking to buy some of my photographs, and is not sure what she would like. Though she is probably feeling like I do most days, and just wants something (anything) up on those bare walls. I have been going through my summer files to give her as many options as possible. I love the color of this one, and the soft focus. It can be found in my shop.