School Picture

N.J.'s first day of preschool is Tuesday. Tomorrow is the Preschool open house so she can meet the teachers. We are supposed to bring a picture for them to put on her locker. I think this sounds like fun. We could use a nice new picture of her.

But, when I mention this to her she has her demands. "I need 4 pony tails, and my sunglasses." Outside she spreads her arms and gives me her best TA DA.

"Maybe we should try, for a more normal picture", I suggest. "Your teachers don't need to find out what a big diva you are on the first day of class." They'll learn on their own soon enough.

We take a break, she takes her hair down. She finds her gum. (If there was a 3 year old bubble gum blowing contest, Ne would win. She is obsessed.) We start again. All I can see is the gum. So I start begging, "please take the gum out of your mouth." She keeps blowing bubbles, just to bother me.

Too many pictures later, tired of the camera, she hands over the gum and lays in the grass.

She smiles.

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