City Market

It is no secret that I don't like the city I live in...But, I really am trying to explore and embrace the good. It has a lot of potential. Afterall, it is our state Capital. So, today we took a trip downtown to the Lansing City Market. And, like the city, it has tons of potential, but little activity. I was wishing for piles of fresh produce, and busy vendors. And, while the vendors I bought from were very kind, there were very few of them, and much empty space.
So, my plea to the people of Lansing is please visit the city market! Support our small local farmers, artists and business owners, people like Pam, at the Wild Rose, who have such a gift for finding unique and beautiful home decor. (I adore her pots, chandeliers, and delicious soaps! And, hope to have some of my own notecards for sale there one day!)

The Ann Arbor Sunday Art Market is a great example of what we could become. And, I am begging the city to look into more options for daily use like Ann Arbor. It could easily tie into the First Sunday Gallery Walk popular in Downtown, and Old Town. Why are we wasting this opportunity and letting most of the area sit empty, and sad? Help us make this a happy, open place for our city.

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