I had forgotten just how much I love this photograph until I started printing it as notecards to sell in the local gallery. They really come to life when I see them on paper.

It was taken this month in front of the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island. My favorite Michigan place: where my mom took my brother and I for the fabulous Sunday brunch when we were little, and years later where I swam in the serpent shaped pool with dear friends.
Wish we were all there today...
The photo can be found on Etsy .


White Camas

This photograph is the first in my new series of Native Plants of the Lake Michigan Coastline.
I am amazed by the resiliency of all of the plants that grow and flourish in such sandy conditions. The variety of plants is amazing and so different from those I see in my daily, city life. I have added it to my Etsy shop here.

Happy Tuesday

I keep stumbling upon vacation photos, mixed in with my work. They are sweet treats to my day.


Photo Friday-Circle

I have decided to complete my Photo Friday post even if it is Saturday already.

At first I didn't know what I would do for "circle" so I forgot about it, and spent the day in the kitchen cooking with the kids. Soon circles were all around in our fresh Snickerdoodle cookies, just picked tomatoes, and alphabet soup veggies.


Blue Summer

Ever so slowly I am making my way through this months photos...It is nice to see the ones I have forgotten about, and to get little surprises like this. I love the soft colors of these summery chives. I think this would look so pretty in a nice bright kitchen or dining room. It can be purchased here.

Frances Notecard

Isn't she grand!
This is my favorite picture of my grandmother, Frances.
I have added this lovely notecard to my Etsy Store as a tribute to her, and her classic beauty. (If you would like a set, or cards from any of my other photos, please contact me. If your ready to go shopping click here.


Photo Friday: Friends

I just returned from 3 days of beach camping bliss, and discovered that the "Photo Friday" word was Friend. I am 3 days late, but posting anyway because these weekend photos are perfect.

My daughter quickly became friends with the 4 year old, Gabriella, in the campsite next to us. I love how immediately kids become best friends. The two girls were very similar, and shared a fondness for holding hands, non-stop talking, roasting marshmellows, being in the water(even fully dressed), and bubble gum.

The photo of Ron and I leaving the beach for the last time gives me a great feeling. We look happier, more relaxed than when we arrived, and spent our drive home making plans for another trip in the future. Hopefully, filled with lots of friends.


Ah Aveda!

What to do with myself...
I just came home from my first, but definately not last facial. It was the most relaxing hour I have had in a long time, and now I find that my family is gone too! (I love them dearly, but the continued quietness is heavenly.)
Just wanted to give lovely Lindsay, at Aveda, some high praise! She did an absolutely fabulous job! My face is almost as soft as baby Jazz. Hopefully, my glow will last through the weekend. I plan on taking lots of pictures on our mini-vacation. Only 1 day left. Guess I'd better get back into mom mode, and start packing!
Bon Voyage!


City Market

It is no secret that I don't like the city I live in...But, I really am trying to explore and embrace the good. It has a lot of potential. Afterall, it is our state Capital. So, today we took a trip downtown to the Lansing City Market. And, like the city, it has tons of potential, but little activity. I was wishing for piles of fresh produce, and busy vendors. And, while the vendors I bought from were very kind, there were very few of them, and much empty space.
So, my plea to the people of Lansing is please visit the city market! Support our small local farmers, artists and business owners, people like Pam, at the Wild Rose, who have such a gift for finding unique and beautiful home decor. (I adore her pots, chandeliers, and delicious soaps! And, hope to have some of my own notecards for sale there one day!)

The Ann Arbor Sunday Art Market is a great example of what we could become. And, I am begging the city to look into more options for daily use like Ann Arbor. It could easily tie into the First Sunday Gallery Walk popular in Downtown, and Old Town. Why are we wasting this opportunity and letting most of the area sit empty, and sad? Help us make this a happy, open place for our city.

Little Artists

Where have the last 13 days gone! I guess we have been trying to soak up the last days of summer. I have been snapping up pictures like a crazy woman. Probably over 300 in the last week. And, now am afraid my computer will explode if I load any more pictures onto its already full disk space.

But, I had to see this picture from yesterday morning. My little artists hard at work before breakfast.
Jazz is so funny! I love him coloring. Mostly he colors with the marker caps, instead of the actual marker. (Like in the picture.) He has no idea what he is doing, only that he has paper and a marker, like N.J., so he is happy.


Fair At Dusk

Inspired by our fair trip, I am offering this new photograph for sale in my Shop. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

County Fair

Deep friend Oreo's anyone?
Never mind that it was 97 degrees tonight. We had free tickets to the fair!

My favorite picture of the night is of Jazz and me on our way out the gate. I think we are smiling so big because air conditioning is just over the hill, and our cozy bed not far behind.