Forgotten Summer

This time last year I was 8 months pregnant, huge and uncomfortable, trying to survive in a house with just our little window units for air conditioning. Hot, hot, hot...It was the worst summer to be pregnant. (And, I ended up being 10 days overdue!) My heart goes out to all of the summer mom's to be!

I feel like I lost a whole summer, no travel, no cute summer clothes, which is what makes this summer so much sweeter. Now with a nearly 1 year old, life is getting easier each day and I am excited to get back to all the places we missed last year.

Today we visited our favorite pond, and it was alive with activity. Tadpoles were quickly growing into frogs and the frogs were basking on lilypads croaking loudly, singing their frog songs. The waterlilies were glowing in the sunshine. My kids were thrilled, and I was just happy that my favorite summer shirt fit once again.

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