Long Weekend

It's finally Friday, and the start of a long relaxing weekend. A little yard work, preparing for my next art show, a trip to the beach, and summer party are all on our agenda for the weekend.

I have also added free shipping to my Etsy Store for all of you who are doing a little online shopping this weekend.(Just wait for an updated invoice.) If you haven't tried shopping on Etsy yet, what are you waiting for. The site is fun, and the variety of hand crafted art is amazing.



Home Alone

My family has left me for a few hours tonight! Joy, joy, joy! It is very rare that I am without my kids. But, have had a lot of work piling up, so my sweet husband went took them to his mom's for a visit and some grass cutting. I have been sitting at the computer for the last 3 hours working on updates to my website. It is my least favorite, and most frusterating project, but after I get done I always feel great.

I just added this little blue bird that I finished working on last night, and a few other new summertime items, including a new front page image.

All right, now it's time to start thinking about some dinner. Yes, it's after 11:00 but I am realizing I won't make it through the night on the cheese crakers I've been eating while I worked.


Forgotten Summer

This time last year I was 8 months pregnant, huge and uncomfortable, trying to survive in a house with just our little window units for air conditioning. Hot, hot, hot...It was the worst summer to be pregnant. (And, I ended up being 10 days overdue!) My heart goes out to all of the summer mom's to be!

I feel like I lost a whole summer, no travel, no cute summer clothes, which is what makes this summer so much sweeter. Now with a nearly 1 year old, life is getting easier each day and I am excited to get back to all the places we missed last year.

Today we visited our favorite pond, and it was alive with activity. Tadpoles were quickly growing into frogs and the frogs were basking on lilypads croaking loudly, singing their frog songs. The waterlilies were glowing in the sunshine. My kids were thrilled, and I was just happy that my favorite summer shirt fit once again.


Tea Time

The much anticipated event! The MSU Children's Gardens tea party. We looked forward to it all week, and it was just as fun as we thought it would be. Lots of tea, cucumber sandwiches, cookies and dancing!

The gardens staff did a fabulous job. Everyone was extremely kind, even when dealing with mobs of demanding little girls.

The lovely gardens were full of learning activities, and rich smells. (Especially the lavender.) It was our first time there, and now I am wondering why, why, why haven't we gone there before. Their calendar looks full of fun summer activities so we will be back soon. If you live in mid-michigan it really is worth a trip!


Singin' In the Rain

Tuesday night my girl so sweetly asked us to take a walk with her in the rain, her favorite thing to do. The combination of using her frog umbrella and jumping in puddles is better than candy.

It was my first "walk" in many weeks, as I am just able to gently walk on my broken foot again. By the time we got back home to my camera, this lovely rainbow was covering our house. Lucky us.