Art Show

It has taken me most of this week to recover from the weekend art show. After preparing for it for so long it feels strange to have it over. It was a lot of work, but really good. I love all the feedback I get. I love to see what people are buying, which greatly varies depending on the season. I was thankful and surprised to see so many returning customers, and greatful for all my family and friends who helped or just stopped by for a quick "hi". Thank you all!

I forgot my camera (what a bad photographer I am) but luckily my sister-in-law let me use her's to snap a few pictures before they left town. This is the end of the day on Sunday, picked through and messy. Though it makes me happy to see all of my large canvas pieces hanging together.

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EcoGreenBags said...

Nice work, you have some excellent photos. My favorite is the "parallel" photograph and the b & w "chicago" theatre print.