5th Metatarsal

I just realized the date of my last post, April 27th. Later that same night, I fell and broke my foot, multiple fractures to my 5th metatarsal. How quickly everything changed.

It has been a rocky 3 weeks. I am trying to see the good in things, more time spent on the floor with my baby, no grocery shopping! (But that means I have to eat the food my husband picks, which can be a little scary.)

And, with all of this I have realized how strong our family is. My husband has been great at doing all of the things I can't. My kids have been very patient and flexible, even when we can't get out to do our normal daily favorites.

Tomorrow is my biggest art show of the year. I am probably not as ready as I should be, but I am prepared to take lots of orders. Whatever the day brings, I will be happy just to prop myself up in my big director's chair and sit in the sun.

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decor8 said...

wow how encouraging. you know, your post really shows your depth of character. i like how you try to see the best in a situation, pointing to the fact that your injury has shown you new sides to the unity that lives in your family. very nice.
have a wonderful art show, i wish you much success! i'd say break a leg... but in this case, i think you already did enough damage. :)