Art Show

It has taken me most of this week to recover from the weekend art show. After preparing for it for so long it feels strange to have it over. It was a lot of work, but really good. I love all the feedback I get. I love to see what people are buying, which greatly varies depending on the season. I was thankful and surprised to see so many returning customers, and greatful for all my family and friends who helped or just stopped by for a quick "hi". Thank you all!

I forgot my camera (what a bad photographer I am) but luckily my sister-in-law let me use her's to snap a few pictures before they left town. This is the end of the day on Sunday, picked through and messy. Though it makes me happy to see all of my large canvas pieces hanging together.


5th Metatarsal

I just realized the date of my last post, April 27th. Later that same night, I fell and broke my foot, multiple fractures to my 5th metatarsal. How quickly everything changed.

It has been a rocky 3 weeks. I am trying to see the good in things, more time spent on the floor with my baby, no grocery shopping! (But that means I have to eat the food my husband picks, which can be a little scary.)

And, with all of this I have realized how strong our family is. My husband has been great at doing all of the things I can't. My kids have been very patient and flexible, even when we can't get out to do our normal daily favorites.

Tomorrow is my biggest art show of the year. I am probably not as ready as I should be, but I am prepared to take lots of orders. Whatever the day brings, I will be happy just to prop myself up in my big director's chair and sit in the sun.