9 Months

Making me smile today, my cute little boy. Finally reaching the 9th month mark, which makes me so happy. (I am not very good at the newborn stage. ) But, now that he can entertain himself and his sister, things are looking up. I am just beginning to see what a special little guy he is, as his personality is really starting to reveal itself.


mcaplan said...

Alicia-CONGRATS on so many levels!! Your little boy is GORGEOUS!! And I think you will really enjoy having a blog! It is fun to get feedback and share!

I love the magnets! Thank you for the "Journey" one! As I was opening the box and putting them on my magnetic chalkboard, the pink "dream" one fell and shattered! I am sooooo clumbsy sometimes, but I was really excited!! I refuse to get rid of it! It is held together by the background. Its still up there! ;)

Well, welcome to blog land! I wil bookmark you and check back often!

Anonymous said...

poor little jackdog's gettin a faceful