Just a bit of inspiration for your day. I have just finished this new print. It is available with or without the words through my Etsy Store . I am really happy with the look. It suits my mood these days. Happy, pink, and enjoying this beautiful spring.

I hope you are too.


9 Months

Making me smile today, my cute little boy. Finally reaching the 9th month mark, which makes me so happy. (I am not very good at the newborn stage. ) But, now that he can entertain himself and his sister, things are looking up. I am just beginning to see what a special little guy he is, as his personality is really starting to reveal itself.


Lovely Pink

My fresh start...I don't know where I am going with this. It is a little experiment, seeking out the little things that make me happy, and recording them here. Right now, this picture is making me happy. I love how it turned out, pink on pink. So lovely.