Blue, Blue Etsy

Have you seen the beautiful blue, blue etsy front page. Not only does it feature my Baby Blue photograph, but it also features one of my favorite artists Kendra Binney. If you haven't visited her your shop, go now! Her prints would look gorgeous in a girl's room or studio!


Holiday Wishes

May your holidays be filled with great big kisses from those you love, a bit of snow, and unexpected treasures!

All photographs © Alicia Bock


I Heart Flickr

I was revisiting some of my flickr favorites this morning, and noticed how lovely they look all together. There are patterns in all of these images that call to me. A sense of calm, often made of of the same pale blue-green , and soft texture. Bits of pink, "our" oregon beach, Paris, flowers I love. Ahh!
I hope you will find these images as powerful and as inspiring as I do.
© All images from Flickr.com and property of the talented artists that created them.

Baby Blue

A combination of winter and spring...now available in my Etsy Shop.


Sunshine Yellow

Sarah left me a comment on my last post about the Duaflex, and getting film for it... While I don't know anything about film, what I do know may be even better.
All of these new images were created using my digital camera and making it focus through the large Duaflex lens. You can probably do this with most any digital camera with a macro setting. It can be tricky, holding two cameras at once, and then what your looking at is backwards in the viewfinder. But, it is a nice challenge and great upperbody workout!
Because I like the vintage feel I do very little post processing work to these photographs. Just some cropping, and slight color adjustments. Flickr has a great through the viewfinder group filled with lots of inspiring photographs, posts with additional techniques, and instrutions for building contraptions to help you keep the extra light out (though I haven't been using anything, and am happy with the results.) And, this site is great too. There are various vintage cameras that are great for "throught the viewfinder" photographs. So, dig around your basement or grandma's attic, you may already have something that will work. This latest photograph "Sunshine Yellow" is for sale here.

Shades of Blue

I took a tiny break yesterday and played with the duaflex. It is so cute, and just stares at me all day from the shelf on my desk. How could I resist. I am totally smitten with my results. The soft colors, and bits of fuzziness, so organic and dreamlike. More of my experiments can be seen here.


O' Christmas Tree

(click on the image for a larger version.)



I have been stalking the TTV(Through the Viewfinder) group on Flickr for a good amount of time. Just waiting until the day I could join in..

Finally, my new Duaflex has arrived and I snuck in a little time between filling orders this weekend to test it out. This was one of the first shots I took, and will probably always be one of my favorites. Such a sweet moment between the two of them. And, anyone who knows Gypsy knows how far he has come to act as a pillow for this wild little girl.


My favorite things...

The holiday party excuse generator may be my new favorite thing. If only I had know about it last year for my husbands work party...



This one seems to be getting a lot of looks on my flickr page. And, is available as a notecard.

Now back to our exciting game of hide-n-seek...Have a dandy(lion) night.

Winter Goodness

There is so much I would like to write about and so many new photographs to share. But, getting ready for the art show is consuming my week. For right now, I will just share these two newest winter photographs. Both are available in my Etsy Shop as fine art notecards. Though very different subjects, they are wonderful compliments to eachother.


Etsy Front Page!

My little "Blue Bird" is always looks so proud when he makes the Etsy front page. This morning it is the notecard version of this photograph mixed in with other beautiful green toned items. If you haven't shopped the new version of Etsy, take a look. There are some great new features!


See you in East Lansing

After much indecision, I have finally decided that I will be once again participating in the MSU Holiday Show, December 2-3, 2007 at the Michigan State University Student Union in East Lansing, Michigan. I am not sure where my booth will be at this time (though my guess is that I will be tucked away in the far back corner, as punishment for my procrastination in sending my application.)

Anyway, I hope you will come visit, with over 200 booths this show is a great place for holiday shopping. Please grab a program when you enter the building, and seek out my booth. I would be happy to see all of your faces and thank you for your support this year!



My daughter has been eyeing this picture for weeks, and keeps asking when we get to "decorate" it. So, we finally did today, and Voila!
Christine in all of her 1960's loveliness. I love her glasses, red shoes, the many stars on her dress (courtesy of N.J.), and that great Mae West quote. She is available as a notecard or greeting card on my website.



Occasionally, I submit my photographs to JPG magazine for inclusion in their monthly magazine. One of their themes for an upcoming issue is "Embrace the Blur", for which I submitted my "Purple Morning" photograph. Now, here's where I really need your help!

Lots, and lots of VOTES would help me get into the magazine, and this month getting into the magazine means winning a new Lensbaby 3G! I want a Lensbaby more than any other piece of photo equipment. I am about to start carrying around a sign that says "will work for lensbaby". So, please save my children the embarrassment and go vote now! (You will have to register with JPG, but it is quick, and for a good cause. Thanks!)


Golden Light

Photography captures the light, and tells its story. This is the story of the last of the great autum day. 60 degrees, just before sunset. A day of golden light, twisted trees, milkweed seeds blowing in the wind, and a little nest, whose owners probably knew that cooler days were just around the corner.


Five Red

Time to start the weekend, but I wanted to add one last photo to my shop before I did. This tree turned out just as I hoped (something that rarely happens). Sepia toned, except for the 5 remaining red apples. (It is hard to see from this little image, but they are vibrant in the actual photograph.) I think this would look gorgeous in a large size, to make the apples really shine.

Autumn's End

This morning started off bright and sunny, but then the dark winterish clouds arrived, and inspired me to complete this photograph. Autumn's End is a mix of my original photographs, creating a wonderful vintage feeling.

This evening I will be participating in Etsy's Friday "Happy Hour" and offering Free Shipping for all items in my shop until Etsy goes offline tonight for the weekend of upgrading. (Just add "Happy Hour" in the notes section of the checkout, and wait for an updated invoice. )


Happy Morning #2

Oh, Etsy how kind you are to me. Two days of front page bliss. My little Blue Bird and I thank you!


Happy Morning

Now that the Etsy front page changes daily it is fun to wake up and see what will be featured next. I always discover great new artists. This morning I got a special treat, my Livingston Road photograph (bottom right) mingling with some very lovely artwork.


Supersize Sale

Throughout November I am having a sale on my largest photographs, 22" x 30" .
Regularly $200, now $135. (with FREE U.S. shipping!) Choose from any photograph on my website or shop. These photographs are created using Hahnemuhle fine art paper. They have a soft, velvety matte finished, and look stunning when framed.

Because they are oversized, they will be shipped rolled in a protective mailing tube.
When purchasing, please email me the title of your choice, and I will send you an updated invoice. (or just use the shop link above.)


Photo Friday- Light

I had just finished this photograph for a client when I received the photo Friday word of the day "Light". I love the way the sunlight catches on the petals and stem.


Parisian Bloom

Parisian Bloom
Originally uploaded by Bockphoto.
It isn't even winter yet, and I am dreaming of spring. This new photo of cherry blossoms, soft texture, and vintage postcard text can be found in my etsy store.


Rare Bird Finds/ Rare Robin Awards

Only 30 days to place your votes in the Rare Bird Finds, Rare Robin Awards. By entering the name of your favorite unique online shops, you will be entered to win fabulous prizes! Including a gift certificate to my shop. ( I would be so grateful for a vote in the home decor category, please, please.) Make sure to read the rules, and tell all your friends!

Etsy Top Items

I can't say enough good things about Etsy, and all the fun ways to shop and search the site. Today while browsing the Sample (left side of the Etsy homepage) I discovered that my Cherry Blossom Day photograph has made the top items page (bottom row, 5th picture).

The new and improved Etsy is scheduled to launch next week, and from the preview it looks like there will be some great changes for both buyers and sellers. If you are planning on shopping my shop or any of the other wonderful Etsy sellers this week, do so before Friday. (Etsy will be shutting the site down for the weekend maintenance.)


Happy Birthday

Though I can't be with them today, I am quietly celebrating major new beginnings for two of my dearest friends.

This morning, Jodi finally got to meet the newest addition to their family. Her third, little boy. ( Better you than me!) who we are affectionately calling "the new baby" because he has yet to be named. As N.J. said "he finally popped out!" (if only it were that easy.)

Welcome to the world, we can't wait to meet you too!

And, for Kelly today marks the grand opening of Joy Tree Yoga in downtown, Big Rapids. I am so happy for her to have her own yoga studio, her own business, and to see all of her hard work pay off. I hope the studio is packed with happy bodies waiting to learn from you!

I have added the nesting image above to my Shop to as a notecard, in honor of this special day.



I love the things that come out of N.J.'s mouth lately (she's 3 1/2). She watches too much t.v., and has a great memory...so funny things get stuck in her head.

Today we were driving and saw lots of geese flying. Must have made her think.

N.J. - "Mom, we're migrating" (this is the first time I have heard her use the word "migrating"
Me- "Migrating?"
N.J. "You know, migrating...When you leave your home, and go somewhere else. "
Me- "I know" (pause) "Where are we migrating to?"
N.J.- 'To- the- mall. " (sounding like, duh...don't you know where we're going?)

Yes, we are in fact migrating to the mall. As the days get colder, it seems like we spend more time there. Lucky for us, one of our favorite restaurants has set up shop in the mall near our house. Delicious! Especially leftover carrot cake for breakfast.


That Song

All summer I have been hearing a song on the college radio station almost everytime we are in the car. As if the universe is playing some funny game, I always hear just the end...they never say the name of the song, or who the artist is. It has been driving me crazy.

Finally today, I heard enough to figure out that it is Regina Spektor's song Samson. Which by the way, if anyone feels like buying me this for x-mas, (hint, hint) feel free.

So, now there is a little less mystery in my world today. Though I am now wondering how I will explain to my husband that all we accomplished today was grocery shopping and searching google for song lyrics.


Livingston Road

I could have took the Highway home yesterday, but instead took the road less traveled, and found inspiration. This photograph can now be found in my shop .


Each October, my husband, the eternal fraternity president wakes us all up before the sun, to make our drive up to CMU's Homecoming. Mt. Pleasant in one of the few places where fall seems right to me: the quiet sweep of leaves under our feet, pockets full of parade candy, and a trip to The Bird with friends.


Wedding Gift

If you are expecting a gift from me this year...there is a good chance it will be late. I have just finished my wedding gift for our friends who got married in July. (In my defense, tomorrow will be the first we've seen them since they've returned from their honeymoon.) I have just started experimenting with more of a collage/layered format, using my photographs. I really like how this turned out, and am excited to add more depth and text to some of my new photographs.

Well, we are off to run our errands, mainly finding a warm coats. Winter seems to be coming early this year.


Etsy Front Page

All day I was wondering why so many people had viewed my little "Blue Bird" on Etsy today. It took me until 9:00 at night to figure out it was on the front page!
The front page does look pretty in blue and brown, and the little bird looks very proud to be right in the middle of things.


Photo Friday- Thin

Photo Friday! "Thin"
Beautiful jelly fish...so peaceful to watch. Wonder if they knew I was taking their picture.



My generous friend came over this morning delivering the gift of a much too large cup of sugary, mocha coffee. It was great for waking me up, but has left me feeling super spacey, and unable to focus on my work.

My website is in great need of updating. I need to clean my desk, sort the mail, fill orders, bring fresh work to the galleries, and contact new galleries so that I can get in before the holidays. I also am having trouble remembering that N.J. is at school, and needs picking up shortly. My biggest fear is that I will forget her and she will be the last little preschooler sitting on the sidewalk, thinking I will never show.

The picture above definately suits my mood. I am here, but my mind is drifting off on a nice, white cloud.


Purple Morning

A friend is looking to buy some of my photographs, and is not sure what she would like. Though she is probably feeling like I do most days, and just wants something (anything) up on those bare walls. I have been going through my summer files to give her as many options as possible. I love the color of this one, and the soft focus. It can be found in my shop.



Suddenly it seems I have a surplus of 8x10 paper. So, I am in the process of marking down all the 8x10's in my store . They are now $18 (regularly $22). Classic white matting is also available making your new photograph ready for the 11 x 14 frame of your choice.


New Photos/New Cards

What a happy Monday! Apparently there is some strange planetary allignment because both of my kids are napping. Yes, at the same time!

I am spending my moment of quite updating my Etsy Store. I have added the three photographs above as notecards (available as photographs too, email me for a custom listing.)


I love finding pictures from warmer summer days, when it is cool and rainy. I have added this to my shop as a greeting card. I think it would make a handy thank you card for a special summer friend.

Happy Fall

Today it is officially fall. That time of the year for cool nights, falling leaves, and our trip to the apple orchard for lots of apple picking, cider drinking and wine tasting. The kids loved running through the orchard, laying in the grass, and eating their fresh off the tree apples.

Though I am not fan of autumn and am having trouble facing the fact that summer is over, I have to admit it was a lovely way to spend a late September day.