The Last 24 hours...

All of these were taken within the last 24 hours. It seems to be the amount of time I think in these days. Because the inevitable end of summer is more than I can think about. For now, I will smile in the golden light, keep my toes painted bright red, eat tomatoes for breakfast, and try not to yell when my daughter comes home looking a kid on summer vacation should. (There's been a lot of laundry done in the last 24 hours.)
I hope all is well in your world. 
xoxo. -A.


"Green was the silence, wet was the light,
the month of June trembled like a butterfly."
Pablo Neruda (100 Love Sonnets) 

P.S. These and other photographs from this series are available on my website.


 July so far has been...
*Watching fireworks.
*Bringing carrots to the horses.
*Sneaking off to read bits of Molly's new book... though I really don't want it to end.
*Playing tennis (I'm still undefeated among 8-11 year olds!)
*Avoiding my over-grow garden.
*Finally watching Mad Men after hearing everyone talk about it for years.
*Taking thousands of photographs, most of which I won't look at until winter so that I can relive these days and feel warm again.


Hello weekend, I've been waiting impatiently for you. Warmer weather, planting seeds, grilling... yes, yes, yes.
I also can't wait to hang this new print in my office. It is my favorite abandoned building in the world. And,  the second I win the mega-billion dollar lottery I will buy it and turn it into a luxury B&B.

(I would have posted more new photos today, but blogger seems to be doing something weird with their color.) So, you can find more new work here. 

Cheers! -A.


 Lately I've:
*Visited with these gorgeous horses, and was told I can go any day and bring them carrots too. 
*Happily raced across the state to watch the sun set on my favorite lake with friends.
*Thought my cousin was the most beautiful bride!
*Danced with my family to Janet Jackson (?)
*Walked for hours all over Detroit.
*Ate chicken Shawarma at 1:30 a.m. 
*Carried a kayak (too far).
*Ate the best salmon dinner of my life, and thought about it every day since.
*Obsessed over ferns, and took too many photographs of them.
*Made some garden progress... (though I still feel about a month behind.)
*Cursed at the squirrel who ate all of my beautiful almost ripe strawberries

What's new with all of you?
xoxox - A.


Friday Happiness...
* Balloons! (The one project my kids were happy to help with.)
* The vintage disco ball I won on Ebay is on it way, and coming to a photo shoot soon.
*All orders are in the mail... something I work towards every Friday, but rarely happens.
*Thinking about planting my garden. Or at least weeding so it is ready when the weather improves.
*Baby geese following their parents down our road. 
*Planning a night to make this pasta.
Have a wonderful weekend!
xoxo -A.


April you were just lovely, exhausting, but very kind, gracious and gorgeous.
Some highlights...

*My girl surfing in the Gulf of Mexico.
*Sleeping in my mom's bed.
*Eating my mom's Sunday dinner.
*Sleeping in an even lovelier hotel bed.
*Watching dolphins from our room.
*Watching manatees from our room.
*Collecting sand dollars at sunrise.
*The best crab cakes in Cincinnati (and the best burger EVER according to my husband.)
*An 8 mile walk with my dear friend. 
*The first spring soccer games.
*My photograph taken by my favorite 2 1/2 year old. (On Instagram: aliciabockphotography)
*Spring cleaning in my garden while the hyacinths bloom.
*The first backyard s'mores of the season with friends.
 xoxo -A.

P.S. Just as soon as I am caught up on orders (very soon), and finish up some projects, I'll be back to posting new art.



*100%, without a doubt, this is my most favorite Polaroid of me.
* If I had to place a bet, I am 99% sure my Grandma took this, because she was the Polaroid Queen of the  * 80's, and probably the 90's too.
* I plan on spending the next year dancing my way to 40.
* I would pay a large sum of money to have this tutu today.
* I share my day with another awesome dancer... (Video Below) and this lovely lady.


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The code will work on both my website and in my Etsy shop.
Have a wonderful weekend! 
xoxo- A.


Lately I have been...
*Dreaming about running away to the beach.
*Obsessed with making this bread. (Even though I try not to eat it.)
*Thinking that one day I will buy that house on the hill.
* Planning to make several of these, because our winter storms have left me with a huge amount of branches.
*Watching this short video. And, wondering if Anderson's next movie, The Grand Budapest Hotel will ever make it to a theater near me.
*Celebrating my favorite March born people.
Have a wonderful weekend!
xoxo- A.