*100%, without a doubt, this is my most favorite Polaroid of me.
* If I had to place a bet, I am 99% sure my Grandma took this, because she was the Polaroid Queen of the  * 80's, and probably the 90's too.
* I plan on spending the next year dancing my way to 40.
* I would pay a large sum of money to have this tutu today.
* I share my day with another awesome dancer... (Video Below) and this lovely lady.


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The code will work on both my website and in my Etsy shop.
Have a wonderful weekend! 
xoxo- A.


Lately I have been...
*Dreaming about running away to the beach.
*Obsessed with making this bread. (Even though I try not to eat it.)
*Thinking that one day I will buy that house on the hill.
* Planning to make several of these, because our winter storms have left me with a huge amount of branches.
*Watching this short video. And, wondering if Anderson's next movie, The Grand Budapest Hotel will ever make it to a theater near me.
*Celebrating my favorite March born people.
Have a wonderful weekend!
xoxo- A.


Every time it snows this spring I am going to keep looking the other way, and focus on working on new pictures (of last year's flowers). I am sure mother nature will get the hint soon.
xoxo- A.


New work for new projects...
You can find more on my website.
xoxo- A.


I am ignoring everything that is happening outside my window, and just focusing on my computer screen... it is a much, much better scene.
xoxo - A.


Keeping things simple this week...
You can find these new prints on my website.
xoxo - A.



Dear Chicago,
I am dreaming of a visit... please warm up soon.
xoxo- A.


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Happy Shopping!
xoxo - A.


Wishing you all a magical 2014!
xooxox - A.