In case you needed a little more green in your day, there's a lot more in my shop!
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Entertaining myself today with:
*Gorgeous photos from the final season of Mad Men.
*This book about bread baking.
*More calendars  and postcards I found in my studio. (Use the code: HALFOFF for an additional 50% discount on all postcards and calendars on my website.)
*These movies... How many have you seen?
*Made me laugh. What's not to like about Stanley Tucci...
*New typography prints, available here.
Hope your week is off to a good start!
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Thoughts for a Tuesday...
Now on my website.
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Greetings from our second snow day this week. While I haven't had much ambition to venture out. I have been happily working in my cozy little space, making art, and making plans for new photography projects. While doing this I have realized that in order to succeed at these new adventures, I will have to give up some things. And, have decided that I will not be selling new postcards, calendars  or matted prints for the remainder of this year. Yes, that means I won't be creating 2016 calendar(s). But, I am looking for companies interested in licensing my work for their own.
In an effort to physically make more studio space I am offering an additional 50% off all remaining calendars (2015 and 2014) and postcards. I included the 2014 calendars in this sale because they are beautiful 5"x5" prints if you cuts the dates off the bottom, and frame them.
Enter the code: HALFOFF to receive your discount. Refunds will not be given for missing discount codes. Not valid on previous orders. Through 3*1*15, or sooner if I run out of stock. Calendars are very limited. Only a handful of each are still available.
The code will work only in the products in the "Postcards & Calendars" on my website.
Wishing you a warm weekend!
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Notes from Tuesday on a Thursday...
"I sat under my favorite plants for hours today. Looking at their details.
Watching the light change and fade around them. Sometimes through my lens, mostly not.
I soaked in their humid air and watched my flat, winter hair become tangled with curls
again. I wished to live closer, while simultaneously wishing for an adventure that
would take me far away."
I have started a gallery for this series here. More will follow very soon, so please check back.
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Thinking I will bring my Wednesdays in the garden posts back again this year... or at least give it my best try. (It is certainly where I'd like to be today.)
More Echeveria can be found here.
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Thoughts from the last week, now available on my website.
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Since the clock struck on the new year I have been making lists (thanks mostly to insomnia and a cat who wouldn't let me sleep if I wanted to..)
Lists of  photo shoots, items to purchase for photo shoots, recipes to try, dream travel and adventures, books to read, art to make, companies to contact and work with etc.
My desk is a mess of scribbled notes, the only pictures I have taken all week have been with my phone, and my mind is spinning. But it feels very right.
2015 is going to be awesome.
I hope you all are finding your stride in the new year, (and staying warm too.)
xoxo - A.

P.S. My shop is having it's 9th anniversary sale through Friday. Use the code: NINEYEARS for 20% off.
P.S.S. Thinking about last year makes me think of this poem.
P.S.S. New photographs from this week (including these Peonies) are here.


 The upside of it getting dark at 4:00 is that the city is glowing with twinkling lights even earlier.
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Not pictured: snow covered pants and numb toes. It's not easy making November look like July. 
More on my website here.
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