Thinking I will bring my Wednesdays in the garden posts back again this year... or at least give it my best try. (It is certainly where I'd like to be today.)
More Echeveria can be found here.
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Thoughts from the last week, now available on my website.
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Since the clock struck on the new year I have been making lists (thanks mostly to insomnia and a cat who wouldn't let me sleep if I wanted to..)
Lists of  photo shoots, items to purchase for photo shoots, recipes to try, dream travel and adventures, books to read, art to make, companies to contact and work with etc.
My desk is a mess of scribbled notes, the only pictures I have taken all week have been with my phone, and my mind is spinning. But it feels very right.
2015 is going to be awesome.
I hope you all are finding your stride in the new year, (and staying warm too.)
xoxo - A.

P.S. My shop is having it's 9th anniversary sale through Friday. Use the code: NINEYEARS for 20% off.
P.S.S. Thinking about last year makes me think of this poem.
P.S.S. New photographs from this week (including these Peonies) are here.


 The upside of it getting dark at 4:00 is that the city is glowing with twinkling lights even earlier.
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Not pictured: snow covered pants and numb toes. It's not easy making November look like July. 
More on my website here.
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The 2015 calendars are here! And, in my Etsy shop too.
Enjoy! oxox - A.


“Summer afternoon—summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language.” ― Henry James

All the "Sail" photographs can be found here.  xoxo- A.


I used to want  some backyard chickens that I could watch wandering about my yard during the day. But, now I am thinking a flock of flamingos would be much more interesting. I can't get over how amazing the colors of their feathers are.
I've added all of these plus many others as prints in my shop.
xoxo - A.


Hooray for Friday! Most of my week has been consumed with obsessing over my ArtPrize exhibit and promo materials... How many postcards do you need when there is the potential for 400,000 people to stop by? I still don't know. But from the friends I have asked, the consensus is a lot! Which is what I ordered. (More on that next week.)

 I did happily take a day to work on some new prints which I have added to my website and Etsy shop too.
I hope your weekend is all you've imagined!
xoxox- A.


Thursday's happiness...
* A new month, and a new school schedule ( Hooray!)
* A new and updated website !
* And, of course new art to go with it.
* Multiple phone calls from my mom in the same day.
*Gin... Mostly when I win. But, anytime I play with my girl.
* Thinking of eating in Detroit....
* Remembering time spent this weekend reading Issue 1 of Driftless Magazine.
* This hard-boiled egg recipe again, because I can never remember.
Cheers! xoxo - A.